Apple Pay™

It’s the way to pay. Discover a convenient, security-enhanced payment solution.

Pay With Just a Touch

Connect your Blixcore Offshore Bank Visa® credit or debit card to Apple Pay™ and make fast, easy payments from your iPhone 6®, iPhone 6® Plus, iPad Air® 2, iPad mini 3™, or Apple Watch™. Now accepted in hundreds of thousands of stores and within participating apps, Apple Pay™ gives you the power to use your favorite cards, without the hassle of carrying a wallet.

Look for one of these symbols at checkout:

Apple Pay LogoApple Pay Wave Icon

Keep Your Data More Secure

Apple Pay™ encrypts your Blixcore Offshore Bank Visa® card information, which means it’s not shared with merchants. Instead, each payment is completed with a unique code. You’ll simply hold your device up to a contactless card reader and use your passcode or your Touch ID™ thumbprint to authorize the transaction.

Getting Started is Simple

Enable Apple Pay™ for your Blixcore Offshore Bank card in three steps.

For Phones and Tablets:

1. Update your iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPad Air® 2, iPad mini™ 3 to the latest version of iOS.
2. Open Passbook® on your device and follow the instructions to add your card.
3. Visit Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay to set your default Apple Pay™ card.

For Apple Watch™:

1. Update your Apple iPhone® 5, iPhone® 5c, iPhone® 5s, iPhone® 6 or iPhone® 6 Plus to iOS 8.2 or later.
2. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and choose to add a card.
3. Set your Blixcore Offshore Bank card as your default Apple Pay™ card in the Apple Watch app or by visiting Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay.

More Benefits for AmaZing Credit Cardholders

While you use Apple Pay™ to make purchases with your mobile phone, you can also conveniently take advantage of Blixcore Offshore Bank AmaZing Deals™. Plus, you’ll still enjoy the same great credit card perks.

Enjoy all the rewards and benefits of your Blixcore Offshore Bank Visa® cards using Apple Pay™.

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