Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

At Blixcore Offshore Bank, we offer Individual Retirements Accounts as a convenient way to save for retirement and earn interest on the funds you’ve deposited.

Here’s what you need to open an account:

  • $500 minimum opening deposit for terms over 30 days or over; otherwise $2,000 for 15 to 29 day terms.
  • Term: 15 days to 60 months or more.
  • $15 annual maintenance fee per plan holder.
  • Interest compounded daily.
  • Early withdrawal penalty applies.*
*Early withdrawal penalty applies to withdrawal of funds before maturity, if you are not eligible to begin receiving plan disbursements. This information is intended as an overview of our personal deposit accounts and related services. Complete disclosure of terms and service charges are available at any Blixcore Offshore Bank branch office and will be provided at account opening.