General Inquiries

Blixcore Offshore Bank offers the convenience of Blixcore Offshore Bank Connect, so there is no need to wait until your branch opens to handle personal banking needs.

To check your account information 24/7 call toll free at: +1 775 451 6117 and follow the prompts.

To speak with a Blixcore Offshore Bank Customer Service Representative during business hours, Mon.-Fri., 7am-7pm and Sat. 9am-5pm PT (excludes holidays), call us at: +1 775 451 6117.

Branch locations

Find your nearest branch location here. Or to be automatically connected with the branch closest to your calling location, call +1 775 451 6117.

Investor relations

Investor relations questions can be submitted online or you may visit us for additional information.

Privacy policy call center

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, access it here.