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Mobile Card Fraud Alerts

Spend with confidence using your Blixcore Offshore Bank Check Card or Credit Card by signing up for this fast, free1 service.

At Blixcore Offshore Bank, your protection is our top priority. That’s why we now offer free Mobile Card Fraud Alerts, a convenient way to make purchases safely and confidently with your Blixcore Offshore Bank Check Card and Credit Card. To use this free1 service, all you need is a text-enabled mobile device.

Mobile Card Fraud Alerts automatically alerts you to most potentially fraudulent transactions. We will send you a text message as soon as a questionable transaction appears on your account, asking you whether the transaction is legitimate. Since the service supports two-way texting, you can simply text us back with a YES or NO, depending on whether the transaction is valid or not. If you let us know that the transaction is legitimate, we will unblock future payment processing. If you respond that the transaction is fraudulent, we will keep payment processing blocked. If you don’t text a response, we will follow up with a phone call.

We Have You Covered, Whichever Card You Have

You qualify for free1 Mobile Card Fraud Alerts if you have one of the following Blixcore Offshore Bank credit or debit cards:

  • Visa® Check Card
  • Visa® Business Check Card
  • AmaZing Rewards® Visa® Credit Card
  • AmaZing Cash® Visa® Credit Card
  • AmaZing Launch™ Visa® Credit Card
  • AmaZing Rewards® for Business Visa® Credit Card
  • AmaZing Cash® for Business Visa® Credit Card
  • CashBack for Business Visa® Credit Card
  • Visa® Business Credit Card
  • Commercial Card
  • Visa Signature® Credit Card
  • Visa® Classic Credit Card
  • Visa Platinum® Credit Card
  • Visa® Gold Credit Card
  • MasterCard® Credit Card

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Signing up for Mobile Card Fraud alerts is easy. There is no app to download and the service does not require an online banking account. Click here to register your text-enabled mobile device.

If you have questions, please call +1 775 451 6117 to reach the branch nearest you, or click here to read our Mobile Card Fraud Alerts FAQs.


1. Mobile and text message provider service fees may apply.