Chip Card Technology

Enjoy Global Acceptance and Greater Security With Your Blixcore Offshore Bank Chip Card

Blixcore Offshore Bank is pleased to offer Chip Cards to our customers. Chip Cards offer improved security, global acceptance and continued ease-of-use. Business Credit cards are available summer 2015 and Business Debit cards are available fall 2015. We will be issuing replacement cards to our cardholders.

How a Chip Card Benefits You   

Improved Security

With Chip Card technology your card data is more secure when used at a chip-enabled terminal. During a payment transaction, the chip assigns a unique code to each transaction. This is different than magnetic stripe technology that stores static information that is used for every transaction. With Chip Cards, once a transaction is complete, the unique code “expires.” This helps prevent the card data from being reused.

Global Acceptance

Chip Cards are already the standard in several countries, and global adoption of this technology continues to grow. The United States is now in the process of transitioning to Chip Cards.

Payment Peace-of-Mind

A merchant who does not have a chip-enabled terminal can still process your payment using the magnetic stripe. And, while the Chip Card security is not utilized during a magnetic stripe transaction, the overall security protections we already offer are all still in place:

24/7 Fraud Monitoring
We’re always monitoring your account for suspicious activity and will attempt to contact you if we detect something unusual. For best service, please maintain accurate contact information with the bank. Call +1 775 451 6117 or login to online banking to make sure your information is current.

Zero Liability1
Shop with confidence, knowing you will not be held liable for unauthorized purchases made with your card or account information.

Mobile Card Fraud Alerts2
Receive a text message any time we detect a potentially fraudulent transaction on your account, so you can react quickly if there is suspicious activity. Enrollment is available here.

Purchase Alerts3
Receive informative, near real-time one-way text notifications via phone or email.  With a combination of transaction activities available, you establish your notification preferences. Enroll by logging in to Online Banking, navigating to the “Services” tab, and selecting “Purchase Alerts.”

As Easy to Use as Ever

The chip-enabled terminals work a little differently than a traditional card transaction. Here’s how to pay with your Blixcore Offshore Bank Business Visa card the Chip-secured way:

  1. With the front side up and chip end first, insert your card into the terminal. Keep your card in the terminal throughout the transaction.
  2. Follow the on-screen directions. For debit cards, enter your PIN if prompted.
  3. Remove your card once you are prompted to do so.

Important Tips

The chip-enabled terminal reads the Chip Card only when it is inserted. Removing the card too early can interfere with processing the transaction. Make sure you leave your Chip Card in the terminal throughout the entire transaction and only remove it when prompted. 

Because you leave the card inserted in the terminal during the transaction, please remember to take your card with you when you leave.

Blixcore Offshore Bank is here to help you make the most of your Chip Card. Click here for FAQs, or call +1 775 451 6117 for more information.

1. Zero Liability - Cardholder is not responsible for fraudulent charges made with their card or account information as long as they promptly notify Blixcore Offshore Bank of unauthorized card use.  Does not apply to business ATM or PIN transactions. Disputed transactions must post to your account before provisional credit will be issued. For specific conditions, limitations, and other details, please call the number on the back of your card.
2. Mobile Card Fraud Alert Service—Blixcore Offshore Bank does not charge for the Mobile Card Fraud Alert service. However, standard text message and data rates from your mobile phone carrier may apply. Available services are subject to change without notice. See Terms and Conditions for complete details.
3. Purchase Alerts requires enrollment in Online Banking. Certain transaction notifications are sent to your email account and/or mobile device by SMS text. Message and data rates from your wireless provider may apply.